Restaurant Prospekts 55 HOMEMADE DISHES


 Until 18:00 

Herring “Matje”,

whipped curds with greens, new potatoes fried in butter, soft boiled quail eggs, mild pickled cucumber salsa.

8,00 EUR

Pike cutlets,

mashed potatoes with spring onions, lingonberry jam/sweet cream sauce.

8,50 EUR

New potatoes boiled/fried in butter and dill,

tomato and cucumber salad sprinkled with olive oil, seasonal mushroom gravy

6,50 EUR

Chicken cutlets,

mashed potatoes with spring onions, red wine sauce.

7,50 EUR

Tomato, cucumber salad

with greens, blue onion, olive oil.

4,50 EUR

Pork ribs stewed in beer

in BBQ sauce with potato – spring onion mash, stewed blue cabbage and tomato salsa.

10,50 EUR

Salad “Olivjē”

with beef tongue, boiled potatoes, canned green peas.

5,50 EUR

Chicken bouillon soup,

chicken fillet, homemade pasta, seasonal vegetables

5,50 EUR

Lamb chowder

6,50 EUR